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Our Statement on Anti-Racism

Posted by Bean & Bean on
Our Statement on Anti-Racism

It has been 5 weeks and 2 days since the Black Lives Matter protests were reignited with a surge of global energy due to the outrage for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and the countless Black lives that have been taken from police violence. We have been silent -- listening and reflecting on the ways we as a company, but most importantly as people and allies, can contribute to the dismantling of systems of white supremacy that perpetuate these targeted acts of violence and microaggressions. 

A few weeks ago on campus, my Black classmates hosted a panel for Black History Month. They went around the circle answering: “When did you first realize that you were Black?” Everyone's answer was different, but their stories had a common theme. 

Race and identity can be uncomfortable to talk about -- it's so deeply personal. When did you first realize that you were [your race]? 

Having a support system as a marginalized group is a huge privilege. Sometimes all it takes is to know that people see and hear you and that they believe in you. When you know that there are people rooting for you, that becomes power.

Unfortunately, support systems are unequally accessible for Black voices, and especially Black trans women, in this country. So we have compiled a list of resources for our community to have direct access to taking the time to educate themselves, sign petitions, and donate to community-based organizations. We have also curated a required reading list surrounding race in the coffee industry. We urge you to go out and look for your own resources in addition to the ones we have listed below. Let us listen, read, and watch Black stories made by Black voices.

We want to take this moment to show our support for the Black community in NYC and in America. We celebrate and support our Black baristas, Black customers, Black business owners, and the Black community. As a company, we commit to examining our own implicit biases and how they affect the systemic racism and colonial mentality of the coffee industry and being accountable for our actions and steps taken towards anti-racism and specifically to uplift Black lives and voices in our communities.

Jiyoon from Bean & Bean Coffee


Mireille Cassandra Harper’s, “10 Steps to Non-Optical Allyship”

Zael Ogwaro’s, “The Miseducation of a White Manager” on Michelle Johnson’s The Chocolate Barista

26 Steps To Be In The Struggle Beyond The Streets written by Piper Anderson, Kay Ulanday Barrett, Ejeris Dixon, Ro Garrido, Emi Kane, Bhavana Nancherla, Deesha Narichania, Sabelo Narasimhan, Amir Rabiyah, and Meejin Richart. Designed by Alana Yu-lan Price. Resources largely pertain to NYC


Comprehensive resource guide for “Accountability and Actions for Black Lives”

  • compiled by Carlisa (@girlonthegowithafro)

  • guides to contact government offices in specific states/cities pertaining to specific cases of police brutality,

  • bail funds,

  • petitions,

  • email and phone templates,

  • resources for protesters,

  • legal aid, and more!

List of Black-owned coffee companies to support


American Civil Liberties Union (link here); legal aid

The Okra Project (link here); collective focused on providing healthy, homecooked, culturally specific meals for Black trans people

Free Them All (link here); working directly with people inside NYC jails

F2L Relief Fund (link here); providing commissary support for incarcerated LGBTQIA folk in NYC

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