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Decaf Single Origin MWP, Organic & Fair Trade


Organic & Fair Trade. All of the flavor and none of the caffeine. Enjoy the taste of the sweet and chocolatey coffee without worrying about your goodnight’s sleep.  This Mountain Water Process Decaf single origin will make you think, is this really decaf? This decaf comes mostly from the Chiapas region. We source royal water decaf by evaluating the green coffee and select each lot based on our quality standards. After selection, the green coffee is pre-soaked in water to expand the beans for caffeine extraction. The beans are then introduced to a solution concentrated with coffee solubles that extract the caffeine without extracting the coffee's particular flavor.

Notes: Orange, Milk Chocolate, Brown Sugar
Country: Mexico
Region: Chiapas
Elevation: 900 to 1500 meters
Varietals: Bourbon,Caturra,Mundo Novo,Typica
Milling Process: Decaf Mountain Water Processed (meaning no chemicals !)

If Mexico is temporarily out of stock we will send Honduras Manos de Mujer Mountain Water Process Decaf, which has a very similar tasting profile to this Mexico Mountain Water Process Decaf. 



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