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La Colombia Gesha Coffee


*We roast this limited coffee in nano-batches each week on demand.

La Colombia Gesha Lactic Honey

Farm Name: Cafelumbus
Variety: Gesha
Process: Lactic Honey
Elevation: 1900 m
Region: Colombia Antioquia

Cafelumbus, fourth generation and women-led farm, has won Taza de Bronce for their coffees. This Gesha comes from a small farm with the highest altitude in the Antioquia region, which allows for not only healthier coffee trees, but optimal conditions for Gesha coffee (i.e. nutrients flowing into each coffee cherry and therefore creating a deliciously complex flavor profile). Moreover, the Lactic Honey processing method keeps some of the mucilage from the cherry (“honey”) while fermenting the coffee in a clean anaerobic environment. Leaving some of the cherry on the seed leads to an increased sweetness, coupled with notes of fruit. This coupled with the fermentation method leads to one of the more unique coffee profiles around, with intense complexity and unexpected flavors.

We taste: Jasmine, honey, floral, milk chocolate and mint, with a very clean crisp body



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