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Pepperpot Taiwan Alishan Oolong


Women-Powered Oolong Tea 

Tasting Notes: Marzipan, Peony, Honey

Ingredients: Taiwanese Oolong Tea

Origin: Alishan Li Jian, Chiayi County, Taiwan

Elevation: 1,300 Meters

Caffeine: Caffeinated

A great example of a masterfully crafted high mountain oolong. Oolong teas are one of the most diverse tea types, differing greatly in flavor and appearance. This company favorite is a lightly oxidized oolong, resembling rolled green tea in leaf grade. The flavor is exquisite, balancing notes of sweet marzipan with delicate floral honey tones. Using material grown and harvested in Alishan Li Jian, Taiwan, tea masters at women-run Jhentea developed the leaf’s natural flavor structure using centuries-old techniques. A very special find for those interested in single-origin teas and a great addition to the more experienced connoisseur’s collection.



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