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Everything You Need to Know About Our Downtown Blend

Posted by Bean & Bean on
Everything You Need to Know About Our Downtown Blend

If you’ve tried Beans & Bean’s products, then maybe you’ve enjoyed our signature house blend known as the Downtown Blend. With many positive reviews and lots of satisfied customers, it’s a crowd pleaser. Here are the full details about this delicious blend. 

What is Bean & Beans Downtown Blend?

The Downtown Blend is our medium roasted, seasonally and exclusively sold coffee, made from a blend of beans originating from South America, Africa, and Asia. 

This blend was created in 2008, in one of our first shops opened in downtown Manhattan, NYC. It’s the fruit of a mom and daughter q-grader duo’s labor and passion as they’ve worked to perfect it for over a decade.


What does the Downtown Blend taste like?

With dominant notes of roasted nuts, cedar and sweet herbs, the Downtown Blend brings out the best of all places where it’s been sourced. Fruity acidity from Latin America, gentle and elegant floral aromas from Africa, and earthy notes from Asia.  All of these flavors combining to make a delicious cup of coffee with a very smooth texture, creamy notes, and hints of cocoa. 

How to drink the Downtown Blend?

This blend delivers a full bodied, and rich cup of coffee. In our opinion, it’s perfect as is when made however you like to make your coffee (French press, drip, pour-over, etc...). 

Regular subscribers of the Downtown Blend also recommend trying it with just a splash of regular milk or oat milk, along with some sugar. The serving style is completely up to your own preference, but the delicate notes of the Downtown Blend can be best tasted without any additives.

Where does the downtown blend come from?

Fair trade certified with eco-friendly packaging, the Downtown Blend comes from ethically managed farms. There are no middlemen involved, ensuring that the farmers are paid fairly. 

The sourced beans are then roasted fresh in Queens, New York, and sold worldwide.

Part of the proceeds are donated to The Sloth Institute so that with each cup of fresh hot coffee, you can rest assured your purchase is helping injured slots get released back into the wild. Click here to learn how coffee impacts the environment and has been damaging to sloths.

Another blend to try

If roasted nuts and sweet herbs are not to your liking, here’s another recommendation you may enjoy. 

The Peru Las Damas will satiate your coffee cravings with delicate notes of lemon and orange along with an explosion of dark chocolate. With the perfect mix of fruity and chocolatey, this blend has a full body and excellent balance. The sweetness already present in the coffee doesn't call for milk or sugar, and can be enjoyed black.

The Peru Las Damas blend has been dried via a solar drying machine and fully washed. It is the result of the COOPAFSI or Cooperative Agraria Frontera San Ignacio, a women-led cooperative that is championing gender equality. Many coffee producers and coffee enthusiasts believe that the coffee’s physical and sensory quality is owed to the labor of the female members’ hard work and passion.

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