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👋  We're Rachel + Jiyoon Han, the Mother Daughter Q Grader Duo behind every coffee that gets served at Bean & Bean. Since opening the first shop on Rector & Broadway in 2008, we've grown Bean & Bean to four locations, now with a roastery in Queens, New York.

☕  We're both Q Arabica Graders (AKA the sommeliers of coffee) and we source our coffees with great care. When you drink our coffee, you're not just getting quality; you're also making a promise to do better in the world. At first, we started by sourcing only organic and fair trade certified coffee to ensure environmental sustainability and fair compensation for farmers. But through time, we realized there was more we need to be doing than that. 

👩  Despite comprising half of the coffee labor force, less than 5% of farms are owned by women and they earn significantly less than their male counterparts and lack access to training and resources. Since we opened doors in New York City in 2008, Bean & Bean has been working to bridge the gender gap in coffee throughout the value chain. Together with our partners, we strive for women to get their fair share from origin to your cup. 

🔮  Currently more than half of all of our coffee is from farms that are owned and led by female producers. Our goal is to source as much female-powered coffee as possible. When you brew our coffee, you’re also brewing change. On behalf of the many mothers, families, and communities that made your coffee possible, thank you for choosing Bean & Bean.

Take it slow and brew it well,

Rachel + Jiyoon
Mother Daughter Coffee Duo


PS - You may reach us any time at cs@beannbeancoffee.com : ) 




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