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Our Partnership W. The Sloth Institute

As a coffee roaster, we have the responsibility to be mindful of where we source our coffees, including making note of the environmental impact of the farms and producers we work with. Understanding the dangers sloths face in terms of deforestation and the consequences of urbanization in the country, we work with small coffee farms who work with the environment—not to dominate it.
Through our partnership with The Sloth Institute, 1% of online sales from coffee beans are donated to help with tracking and caring for sloths affected by these environmental changes. Each month, we symbolically adopt a sloth. We help orphaned and injured sloths return back to the rainforest where they belong. You, too, can adopt a sloth as a gift for yourself or a loved one. The Sloth Institute will issue an Adoption Certificate featuring your adopted sloth. 


🦥  Bonus Sloth Institute Fun Facts:
  1. Sloths have fingers too, not just toes! They’re two and three-fingered to be exact.
  2. Sloths of all sorts are A+ swimmers!
  3. A sloth’s “smile” is permanent because it can’t change expressions. Who knows what they’re really thinking about?
  4. Sloths have never given the okay for photo ops—don’t pay to touch, feed, or snap a pic with one.
  5. Sloths don’t have bad hair days—their “gel” is the algae they can grow inside and on their hair!
  6. Three-fingered sloths have more bones in their neck than a giraffe. That’s more than you too!
  7. Sloths like “hanging out” because they have special tendons in their hands and feet that make it a breeze. 
  8. Sloths go to the bathroom once a week, and can lose up to 30% of their weight each time—talk about taking a load off!
  9. Two-fingered sloths prefer the night, while three-fingered sloths love both the sun and the moon!
  10. Sloths use their slow energy-efficient movement to hide in silence from predators. Don’t we all wish we could use that excuse?
The Sloth Institute

Bean & Bean x The Sloth Institute 



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