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Hawaii Kona Extra Fancy


Tasting notes: Green apple, brown sugar, honey

Say aloha and ride the silky waves of this coffee grown in the rich soils of the volcanic Hawaiian paradise. Medium-roasted, with a milky and sweet flavor, our Kona Extra Fancy coffee is creamy and smooth, has exceptional aroma and delicate acidity. 

This exceptional coffee comes from our partners at Kona Earth, a family owned coffee farm that takes pride in their 100% Kona coffee, nurtured by them from beginning to end ensuring the best possible quality. Growing and producing high quality Kona coffee is always Kona Earth's top priority. This coffee comes from the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa volcanoes. Thanks to these perfect climate and soil conditions, Kona is well known for its premium coffee. 

Get your mug, face the sunlight, and sail away with Kona’s exceptional flavor. 

Here are the main reasons why our Kona coffee is such a delicacy: 

🌴 Authentic, pure Kona coffee is difficult to come by outside of Hawaii, where it is grown. 

👨‍👩‍👧 Our Kona coffee comes from a family farm, Kona Earth, that our team has been buying from for 12 years. They’ve been growing and perfecting their Kona coffee since 2005.

Because Kona coffee is produced in the United States, farming, labor, production and transport costs are much higher than in all other coffee growing regions of the world. Our farm pays ah hourly wage of $20+ to their coffee pickers.

🧑‍🌾 On average, each Kona farm is only 3 acres, which is tiny! More care is put into each tree and Hawaii has some of the strictest agricultural standards in the world. 

🤵 It’s labeled “Extra Fancy,” which might sound like just a marketing ploy, but this is an actual term in the Department of Agriculture used to describe the most premium variety of Kona beans available.



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