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Peru Cup of Excellence #6 Gesha 89.46



Roast Level: LIGHT
We taste
: Dried prune, apricot, jasmine, vanilla, sweet & clean finish

Gesha coffee is known to have some of the highest cup scores in the world. This washed Gesha from Junín in Peru won 6th place in the 2022 Peru Cup of Excellence, with a score of 89.46. It is milky and smooth, bright in acidity, has a creamy body and a sweet and delicate finish.

Jiyoon, from the Mother Daughter Q Grader Team, was invited to serve on a panel of international jurors for this Cup of Excellence Peru 2022. During the juries, this coffee stood out for its overwhelming complexity and sweetness. First selected as a national winner, this coffee then moved onto the top 10 and finally won 6th place. 

This is a beautiful washed processed Gesha from Bello Horizonte farm, which translates to “Beautiful Horizon”, run by a couple and their two children. The Muñoz couple have dedicated their lives to growing coffee for 25 years, the most recent 5 years in specialty coffee. Erika Cindy, the daughter, leads business development for the farm and her brother helps with on-farm duties. The Muñoz family is a beautiful example of an intergenerational family business in coffee.  

There are only 99 kg of this coffee. Each purchased bag will come with its unique number on it. The coffee was harvested in August 2022 and arrived at Bean & Bean’s roastery in March 2023.  



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