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Santa Felisa Gesha Natural Heap Coffee


*We roast this limited coffee in nano-batches each week when orders come in.

Roast Level: LIGHT
Tasting Notes:
Floral, light caramel, watermelon

The Purple Gesha Collection features purple coffee cherries that are handpicked from the rest, which ensures maximum sweetness. Taste coffee for the first time again and again with this surprising Gesha. Drape yourself in a floral fragrance with hints of chocolate and a very juicy balance of watermelon and sweet caramel. The secret to this unique flavor is the thoughtful and creative experimentation behind its farming and drying process. 

Established in 1904, Santa Felisa has maintained the founding values of integrity, quality, loyalty and justice. The Farm is now run by the fourth generation siblings under the guidance of the visionary agronomist, ecologist & Q-Grader Anabella Meneses.With this particular coffee, Anabella followed a sundry-heap fermentation in which the coffee beans are fermented inside the cherries. Afterwards, the drying process was done under an anaerobic environment. 

A fine example of the exciting innovations in the coffee world, this Gesha will embark you on an experience of truly new flavors and bright fragrance.

Farm Name: Santa Felisa, Paraxaj lot
Region: Acatenango Valley Guatemala
Elevation: 1550 mts asl 
Processing Method: Natural, heap fermentation
Varietal: Gesha



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