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Brazil Cup of Excellence #3 Natural [Score 90.06]



Roast Level: LIGHT
Elevation: 1130m
Milling Process: Catucaí 2SL

We taste: Purple Grape, Tropical Fruits, Dark Chocolate, Tart, Well-structured, Clean, Delicate Finish

Gesha coffee is known to have some of the highest cup scores in the world. This  Catucaí 2SL from Sítio Santa Luzia in Mantiqueira de Minas, Brazil won 3rd place in the 2023 Brazil Cup of Excellence, with a score of 90.06.

COE #3 winning lot from Sítio Santa Luzia. Situated in the mountainous Mantiqueira de Minas region of Cristina, southern Minas Gerais, is a family-run coffee farm owned by Ronaldo and Luziane. Acquired in 2007, the farm, at an altitude of 1100 to 1180 meters, specializes in producing high quality coffee, primarily the Catucaí 2SL variety. With a total area of 9.1 hectares, the farm is managed sustainably with guidance from Cocarive agronomists. Ronaldo, Luziane, and their children actively participate in all stages of coffee production, emphasizing quality and environmental respect. The meticulous process involves hand-picking ripe beans, careful washing, and meticulous drying on the patio.

Catucaí 2SL coffee distinguishes itself through its cultivation from the Catucaí variety, which is a hybrid of Mundo Novo and Catuaí cultivars, known for its disease resistance and adaptability to various climates, contributing to sustainable farming practices in Brazil's coffee industry.

Jiyoon was an international juror for 2023 Brazil's Cup of Excellence and was captivated by a coffee that exuded fruity notes and a delightful tartness.

We have just 30 kilograms of this coffee. The coffee was harvested in September 2023 and arrived at Bean & Bean’s roastery in April 2024. The first round was roasted June 4th. The next roast is scheduled for the third week of June.



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