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Pepperpot Organic Jasmine Green


USDA Organic Jasmine Green Tea

Tasting Notes: Candied Flowers, Tropical Fruit, Honey

Ingredients: Organic Scented Jasmine Green Tea

Origin: Jiangxi Province, China

Caffeine: Mildly caffeinated

A classic out of China, our Jasmine Green tea is true to traditional processing. Fresh jasmine flowers are selected at auction in Guangxi. Still awaiting bloom, the jasmine buds are incorporated with a premium, full leaf green tea. Tea crafters wait diligently for these closed blossoms to fully open, a process that imparts a deliciously sweet aroma onto the tea leaves. After several hours to days, the jasmine petals are meticulously removed, leaving only the green tea leaves. A lovely option for those who prefer scented teas or a great introductory option for those unacquainted with traditional Chinese green tea.



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