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Virtual Coffee Brewing w. Coffee Sommelier (via Zoom)

coffee tasting organic fairtrade ethically sourced arabica beans

The What:

The virtual coffee tasting class will be taught by a certified professional coffee cupper (AKA Q Grader) who has led dozens of virtual coffee events for companies, student groups, and organizations. We know you're zoom-ed out, but this event is like no other! You'll have fun and some good laughs, learn about coffee and pick up some tricks for coffee brewing. This session will change the way you see coffee forever. 

We will ship the Complete Cold Brew Kit in advance which contains:

  • Bean & Bean Downtown Blend | Organic & Fair Trade Certified
  • Mr. Clever dripper 100% BPA-free
  • Box of filters | Compostable & Chlorine-free 
  • Colorable instructions created by local artist Julia Cruz
  • + Bonus Steeped Coffee Bags, on us!

We have hosted corporate group events for a16z, Lyft, Royal Bank of Canada, UBS, AppOmni, McKinsey, Harvard Business School, and more. 

How it works:

  • Fill out the form below.
  • You’ll receive the Complete Coffee Kit and a zoom link.
  • Brew with us! 

  • What Past Participants Have Said About Our Virtual Class:

    • "Such a unique and fun virtual activity. The entire group enjoyed it! The host was knowledgeable and tailored the class to our small group." - Stephanie H.
    • "Absolutely loved our cold brew event! The instructor was very friendly and worked with us to cater the event for our audience." - Emily B.
    • "This cold brew class was my absolute favorite through covid-19. We absolutely loved it!" - William T.
    • "The class was fantastic. I had so much fun and went back to Bean & Bean to organize an event for my own team." - Sarah L.
    • “The DIY Cold Brew Class was fantastic! Super informative and thoughtfully put together- from the interactive demo to the knowledge shared. Our host thought of every detail, and the coffee is fantastic.” - Anna J.

    How we're different:

    • Class taught by Q Grader (AKA "coffee sommelier") and trained coffee experts. We've taught hundreds of students and coffee brewers.
    • "Complete Kits" of specialty coffee beans and equipment eco-packaged and delivered to each participant.
    • Each class is tailored to suit the goals and needs of the group. Are you looking to have fun? Enhance knowledge around coffee? Bond together virtually?
    • Additional discounts on coffee and products.


    Virtual Coffee Brewing and Tasting w. Coffee Sommelier (via Zoom)

    The Clever Brewer combines elements of a traditional pour over and immersion brewing methods without the sediment and clean-up of a French Press! In this class, we will brew both hot and cold coffee using the versatile Clever Brewer. Resident coffee experts from Bean & Bean will show how to brew hot coffee on the Clever Brewer Together, we will taste a Gesha coffee from 1st prize Cup of Excellence winning farm, Santa Felisa. To finish, we will switch over to DIY Cold Brew on the same Clever dripper.

    DIY Cold Brew Class w. Coffee Sommelier (via Zoom)

    Interactive online class for making Cold Brew at home. Bean & Bean's resident coffee experts will show how to make cold brew with their special Downtown Blend. We know summer is done and dusted but iced coffee is on our minds and in our hands all year round! Join us to go over techniques to brewing, brew together, and share a few recipes and treats to enjoy with coffee.


     Interested in hosting a customized virtual event? We will work with you to customize a virtual coffee class to suit your group's needs! Just fill out the form below and someone will be in touch soon! Inquire at events@beannbeancoffee.com for more.






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