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Booooozy Barrel-Aged Coffee


Roast Level: MEDIUM-DARK
Tasting Notes: Molasses, Bourbon, Oak, Smooth

We've teamed up with Matchbook, a women-owned distillery in NY, who provided us with charred, bourbon-infused white oak barrels. After months of testing the barrel-aged technique, we're excited to share this new unique coffee with you!

This barrel-aged blend was created
 by storing unroasted green beans over 60 days in a barrel that previously held an alcoholic spirit. The process adds a remarkably boozy flavor to the beans that is retained after roasting. 

Blend - Guatemala Santa Felisa GeshaLa Colombia Gesha
Elevation 1550 m & 1900 m
Varietals - Gesha
Milling Process Fully Washed Double Soak & Lactic Honey processed at origin, then oak barrel aged for 9 weeks at roastery



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