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Santa Felisa Gesha Honey Coffee


*This product is currently SOLD OUT. As an alternative, check out Santa Felisa Gesha Natural Heap Coffee.

Guatemala Santa Felisa Gesha Honey

Roast Level: LIGHT
Tasting Notes:
Melon, jasmine, caramel

The Purple Gesha Collection features purple coffee cherries that are handpicked from the rest, which ensures maximum sweetness. We’re not exaggerating when we say this Gesha is a flavorful pioneer. The reason is the thoughtful and creative experimentation behind its farming and drying process. From the settlement of the microlot in 2015 to the milling and drying, every step of these beans’ journey has been planned and carried out with passion and care. This particular Gesha goes through a honey process in which the handy-picked cherries are depulped and spread in thin layers of African beds. The result is a creamy coffee with floral notes of jasmine and sweet melon and caramel aftertaste.

This captivating coffee comes from the innovative and renowned family-owned Santa Felisa farm. Established in 1904, Santa Felisa has maintained the founding values of integrity, quality, loyalty and justice. The Farm is now run by the fourth generation siblings under the guidance of the visionary agronomist, ecologist & Q-Grader Anabella Meneses.

Farm Name: Santa Felisa, Paraxaj lot
Region: Acatenango Valley Guatemala
Elevation: 1550 mts asl 
Processing Method: Honey
Varietal: Gesha 2722


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