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Guatemala Orange Honey


Guatemala Santa Felisa Red Caturra 1750 Orange Honey


The origin of this microlot is in finca Chualax. This Red Caturra plot was settled in 2010. Soils are characterized as andisoles with a loamy texture.  Plantation has an average of 50% of shade, with a diversity of 2 species. The plot from the plantation has an elevation of 1750 masl, an average temperature 19C and precipitation 1,700 mm annually. 

Purple cherries were handy-picked and washed with clean water in order to diminish the bacterial load. Then cherries were submitted to submerged fermentation for 12 hours. Cherries were depulped and spread in thin layers in to concrete patios. Drying time: 8 days. During all the drying process we avoid high temperatures (over 40C) at the surface of the parchment.  (It is demonstrated that temperatures over 40C will affect the protein reserves in the coffee bean).  

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