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Purple Gesha Collection

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*We roast these limited coffees in nano-batches each week when orders come in.

Taste Gesha coffees (8oz each) from Cup of Excellence 1st prize winning farm Santa Felisa's nano-lots. These Gesha coffees come in two different processing methods: Natural Heap Fermentation and Washed Processing. 

The Purple Gesha Collection features purple coffee cherries that are handpicked from the rest, which ensures maximum sweetness. 

When we started our partnership with woman-led and Cup of Excellence winning farm Santa Felisa at the beginning of the year, the world looked different. Not everything was fine, but in between the hardships and struggles there were glimpses of hope and exciting possibilities. Through the ups and downs of this year, this partnership kept us motivated and focused on what is important to us: supporting the livelihoods of farmers and delivering great sustainable coffee that is ethically sourced.

We are presenting to you the harvest of this year. This Santa Felisa Gesha box-set is a collaboration between Santa Felisa and Bean & Bean that embodies the values and passion for coffee of this award winning women-led smallholder farm. In this box-set we wanted to showcase the amazing quality of the coffees, as well as the innovation and creativity that goes into its process. 

Sit back and enjoy a masterpiece for your senses. With the exceptional Gesha as the melodic theme, Santa Felisa presents three delightful variations: the sweet and creamy notes of the honey process, the sturdy body of the washed beans, and the fragrant aromas and fruity undertones characteristic of the natural Gesha. 

As every farmer knows, you reap what you sow. And this year, despite all, after hard work and a lot of love, we are happy to share with you and your loved ones our most precious coffee grown by very outstanding people.



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