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Costa Rica & Guatemala | Sweeter Than Honey | Direct Trade


Honey processing falls somewhere between natural and washed processing, where mucilage from the coffee pulp is left on the coffee to dry. Mother Daughter Coffee Team loves honey processed coffees for their sweetness and syrupy flavors. This "Sweeter Than Honey Collection" is a bundle of coffees Bean & Bean's Coffee Team sourced directly from farms they personally visited. Las Lajas, Ditsö, and Santa Felisa are all coffee farms owned and led by women coffee producers.

(10oz.) Costa Rica Las Lajas Black Honey Orange, strawberry, vanilla, watermelon
(10oz.) Costa Rica Las Lajas Red Honey: Strawberry, orange, peach, green apple
(10oz.) Costa Rica Tarrazu Ditsö Honey: Red apple, orange, honey, sweet, bright acidity
(10oz.) Guatemala Santa Felisa Orange Honey Floral, spicy, round body



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