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2021: A Year in Review

Posted by Bean & Bean on
2021: A Year in Review

The past two years have been quite the roller coaster. Despite everything that’s happened, we’re so happy to announce that 2021 was one of the best years our small business has had, period. We couldn’t have done it without your support—so thank you for standing by us! 

Here are the top nine highlights of 2021 for Bean & Bean Coffee: 

1. We were recognized for our leadership in the coffee industry

Jiyoon, 1/2 of our Mother Daughter Duo, was named a Sprudge Twenty honoree for her commitment to closing the gender gap in coffee. Sprudge is the most popular coffee publication in the world. 

2. Our coffee subscription became a press favorite

Buzzfeed, HuffPo, Martha Stewart, People Magazine, Real Simple, and Fortune cited us as the best coffee subscription service of the year. 

3. We launched Steeped coffee bags 

Thanks to our partnership with Steeped, our Downtown Blend can be enjoyed anywhere. Our bags are fully compostable and are roasted and packaged fresh.

These bags sold out (!!!) but you can preorder now and get them delivered once we restock. 

4. We partnered with The Wing and Janie’s Baked Goods

If you grab coffee next time you’re at The Wing, it may taste familiar. We now supply their coffee! 

We also collaborated with Janie’s Life-Changing Baked Goods, a woman-owned bakery on the Upper West Side. Janie has an incredible story, which we encourage you to read more about here

5. We gave our best advice in Popular Science


It’s not every day that you’re quoted in PopSci. Jiyoon gave her top tips for improving smell and taste when it comes to food and drinks. 

6. We started offering virtual coffee classes

Over 2500 coffee drinkers participated in our Zoom coffee classes. We loved bringing people together and sharing the joy of brewing an excellent cup. 

And the verdict is in. Here’s what people had to say about the classes after joining: 

 ”Such a unique and fun activity. The entire group enjoyed it! The host was knowledgeable and tailored the class to our small group.” —Stephanie H.

”The class was fantastic. I had so much fun and went back to Bean & Bean to organize an event for my own team.” —Sarah L. 

7. We released new Gesha coffees from award-winning women-led farms

Geshas are one of the rarest types of coffees. We are so excited to now carry Panama Gesha and Colombia Gesha beans. 

8. We continued to lead the Coffee and Tea Club at HBS

Jiyoon (pictured far left, MBA 2022) continued to lead a community of coffee and tea enthusiasts on Harvard’s campus through coffee tastings, tours, and discussions. 

Learn more about Jiyoon’s HBS journey here

9. Our blog became more popular than ever


We revamped our blog and published 43 new articles! Our coffee processing article was our most-read piece of the year. 

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