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Barista Highlight: Ariely

Posted by Bean & Bean on
Barista Highlight: Ariely


We are excited to currently have two of our cafe's open with new COVID-19 guidelines. The safety of our staff and community is of utmost priority to us and we want to celebrate the hard work of our baristas to help keep us open. This week, we're highlighting Ariely, one of our baristas at Fort Lee in New Jersey.


How long have you been at Bean & Bean?

Almost 3 years!

What is your daily coffee routine?

Iced oat mocha latte in the morning

What is your favorite Bean & Bean roast & how do you brew it?


brewed as espresso

If you had to bring a coffee set-up to a deserted island, what would you bring? (equipment, beans, anything you need!)

Pour over, downtown blend and I guess I’ll take advantage of my resources and use the coconuts to make fresh milk.

What is your favorite non-dairy milk?

Oatly Oat Milk all the way!

Where is your favorite place to enjoy Bean & Bean coffee?

Sitting on a bench during the fall or spring.

What does coffee mean to you?

Coffee means to me as a way to relax and bring everyone together. Being Dominican, every time there was a gathering and someone would mention “cafecito?” (“Little coffee?”) after some food or just in general everyone would light up when it’s mentioned. It just completes the gathering while having conversations, enjoying the company and sipping on a good cafecito.

Lastly, what is your favorite memory working at Bean & Bean?

My favorite memory has to be the time I spend with my coworkers and being able to make a customers day better. Either with the service, a conversation or making them smile with a bear latte art on my mocha.

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