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Why Things Look A Little Differently

Posted by Bean & Bean on
Why Things Look A Little Differently

Coffee means family, and family means coffee. That’s why family goes beyond our core family team at Bean & Bean. This is the family that encompasses our vendor partners, our employees, the people we buy coffee from, and everyone else in between. That being said, there was no way that 2020 was going to keep us from leaving Bean & Bean behind this year.

This isn’t the first time we’ve gone through a rough patch. The financial recession of 2009 put us back just a year after our first cafe opened in Downtown Manhattan. 14 years later, we’ve carried forward, and we continue to do that for our family and for our coffee.

And so, like many during this time, we took a pause recently to think about how we wanted to do just that, carry forward—How were we going to continue our business in a way that looked optimistically about the future, while still reflecting our tried and true values? As a small family-run Korean-owned business operated by a mother-daughter team, we want nothing but to serve great coffee while supporting the sustainability of other women like us. We thought about the many things we cared about within this spectrum, and how much sustainability intertwined itself within these elements. Business sustainability, environmental sustainability, and sustainable relationships are pillars of the Bean & Bean philosophy.

Somewhere along the way, sloths slowly crept into the picture.

Umma and Appa, Korean for “Mom and Dad,” saw sloths on a coffee farm they were visiting in Costa Rica back in the day, and it ended up being a symbolic and memorable moment for them. Sloths have since come back into the picture this year, as we realize that like these animals, we had to take it slow to reassess how we wanted to run this business. Thus, it became more important than ever to “brew it slow,” too.

Not only do sloths remind us to take our time while brewing coffee and enjoying life; they’re a reminder that we have to take care of our planet—especially the rainforests and coffee farms that these sloths live in. For this, we have partnered with The Sloth Institute to promote the preservation of this memorable animal. So the next time you go into Bean & Bean and find a sloth on your coffee cup, remember to take it slow! Life keeps moving, and so will the rest of us.

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