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How to Make Cold Brew at Home

Posted by Bean & Bean on
How to Make Cold Brew at Home

If you’re a regular patron of coffee shops or just have a passing interest, you may have heard about cold brew coffee. You may be wondering if cold brew is actually different from standard coffee, or if it’s a marketing gimmick to make you pay a premium for regular coffee? Let’s find out.

What is cold brew coffee

Cold brewed coffee is brewed a little differently than a  normal hot cup. It differs from regular coffee in three key ways:

  1. It’s brewed cold or at room temperature, as opposed to adding heat.
  2. It brews for at least 12-18 hours - instead of just a few minutes.
  3. It’s generally less bitter and has more flavor, due to less acidity.

Flavor profile and cold brew popularity

Cold brewing coffee allows the chosen beans flavor profile to shine through, without any of the bitterness, sourness, and diluted flavors that are more common with other methods. It exploded into mainstream consciousness about 10 years ago and has firmly carved its niche in the mind of coffee enthusiasts and connoisseurs. 

While at first the whole process of making cold brew might seem daunting and cumbersome, we assure you it is easier than you might think. In fact it turns out to be a big saver in terms of both time and money, since a batch of cold brew can easily last you a full week!

Due to the absence of heat, there isn’t any quinic acid released. This means there is less oxidation of the coffee so it retains its flavor profile for longer. By making cold brew at home, you can save money as you won’t be running to the local barista every day and paying premium prices. In addition, you can make many other drinks with cold brew, even hot ones! 

DIY cold brew at home

What you need

  • 4 cups of water 
  • 1 cup of coffee beans 
  • Container to brew your coffee - we recommend a quart sized mason jar
  • Plastic wrap
  • Spoon
  • Fine mesh coffee strainer

The process

  1. Grind the coffee coarsely
  2. Put the ground coffee in the mason jar/container
  3. Pour the water over the grounds
  4. Use a spoon to ensure the grounds are thoroughly wet
  5. Cover the mouth of the jar with plastic wrap
  6. Let it steep for 12-24 hours
  7. Strain the coffee

This will get you a cold brew of decent concentration. With each brew you can increase or decrease the amount of coffee beans to fit your desired taste profile. 

When choosing beans, we recommend our signature Downtown Blend  with its soft sweetness, fruity acidity, and gentle floral aromas that really shine when brewed cold.

What if you don’t have the ingredients?

If you don't have the necessary cookware to make this at home, don't worry, we’ve got your solution! With our DIY cold brew kit, you’ll have everything you need to get started.

Our DIY cold brew kit consists of:

  • 12 oz downtown blend (cold brew grind)
  • A Mr. Clever dripper + #4 filter (100 CT)
  • Colorable instructions to make cold brew at home (our personal favorite)

This kit is easy to use and will help you make amazing cold brew! 

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