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Pepperpot Japanese Matcha


Japanese Matcha 

Tasting Notes: Whipping Cream, Almond, Flowers

Ingredients: Japanese Matcha

Origin: Kagoshima, Japan

Farmer: Henta-san

Caffeine: Highly Caffeinated

Our gold standard for matcha. Operating out of Chiran, Kagoshima, Japan, Henta-San is a veteran tea grower who specializes in matcha production. His farm covers over 45 acres of meticulous tea hedges and, unlike many Japanese tea farmers, he manufactures the ‘tencha’ tea base for his powdered green teas onsite. To say it plainly, this is the best matcha we’ve tasted. A whipping cream body is elevated by floral tones and nutty sweetness. Though we recommend trying Henta-San’s matcha on its own, this green tea can also be used for lattes or in confectionary.



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