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Women Produced Coffee

We believe that coffee is a vehicle to further gender equity. Women make 70% of the workforce in coffee but do not have equitable market access and opportunity. We source with great care from these women-led coffee farms:

Costa Rica Honey Duo


Peru Las Damas, Organic & Fair Trade


Indonesia Sumatra, Organic & Fair Trade


Costa Rica Las Lajas Black Honey


Santa Felisa Gesha Washed Coffee


Sweeter Than Honey Trio


NYC Top 4 Bundle


Guatemala Orange Honey


Santa Felisa Gesha Honey Coffee


Santa Felisa Gesha Natural Heap Coffee


Panama Janson Gesha Washed Coffee


La Colombia Gesha Coffee


Costa Rica Las Lajas Red Honey


Sunset Decaf MWP, Organic & Fair Trade


Eco Hand Made Tote


Decaf Single Origin MWP, Organic & Fair Trade


Guatemala Santa Felisa Red Pacamara Natural Coffee


Peru Cup of Excellence #6 Gesha 89.46


Around The World Coffee Sampler Gift Box


Queens Blend

Rio Nights image

Rio Nights


Honduras Manos De Mujer


Fancy Diner Coffee


Costa Rica Cup of Excellence #3 Gesha White Honey [Score 90.85]


Costa Rica Tarrazu Monserrat Prado Natural


Mexico Cup of Excellence #6 Finca Sinai Gesha Washed [Score 89.91]


Booooozy Barrel-Aged Coffee


Good Day Sunshine


[PRE-ORDER] Brazil Cup of Excellence #3 Natural [Score 90.06]



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