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Guatemala Santa Felisa Red Pacamara Natural Coffee

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Roast Level: LIGHT

Tasting Notes: Raspberry syrup, fruit loops, almond finish 

This Pacamara comes from the Santa Felisa Farm in Guatemala. Established in 1904, Santa Felisa Farm has maintained the founding values of integrity, quality, loyalty and justice. The Farm is now run by the fourth generation siblings under the guidance of the visionary agronomist, ecologist & Q-Grader Anabella Meneses.

Ripe red cherries were handy-picked and washed with clean water. Then cherries were spread in thin layers in to African beds for 7 days. Cherries were placed into anaerobic conditions for 6 days in order to foment the wild yeast activity. Then drying again into African beds for 15 days. During all the drying process Anabella avoided high temperatures over 40C at the surface of the cherries. Processing time was 28 days.

Since 2010, Anabella has been researching innovative methods to develop different flavors during the fermentation and drying process. This dedication and passion was rewarded with the 1st place prize in the 2017 Cup of Excellence.

We are proud of being partners with smallholder farmers like Santa Felisa. Their commitment to quality, gender inclusion, the environment, and the communities around the farm inspires us to keep going forward.

Farm Name: Santa Felisa
Region: Acatenango Valley Guatemala
Elevation: 1550 mts asl 
Processing Method: Natural Anaerobic
Varietal: Pacamara



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