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15 of the Best Home Coffee Bar Ideas

Posted by Bean & Bean on
15 of the Best Home Coffee Bar Ideas

People have been making coffee at home more often than ever before, but this means kitchen counters might be looking at little bit messier. If you've switched to brewing the majority of your coffee at home since the pandemic, now's the time to make a coffee bar at home! Your mornings will be more streamlined and you'll have your own mini-cafe at your fingertips. Here are some home coffee bar ideas that you might inspire your own at home. 

Here are some tips you should know before you start making your coffee bar at home: 

Coffee Bar Carts

Coffee bar carts are cute, portable, and multi-functional! If you're tight on space, a drink cart is the perfect all-in-one cart for all your coffee (or non-coffee) drinks that's available from morning to night.


Closet Coffee Bar

Don't have a bart cart or extra counter space but do have an empty closet? Say hello to your new closet coffee bar! Save space and hide away your coffee corner when it's not in use by simply shutting the door. You can also take off your closet door for an into the wall coffee bar.


Simple & Chic Coffee Bar

No fuss? No problem. This coffee bar setup is straight to the point, simple, and clean. If your style is easy and functional, this could be the coffee bar aesthetic for you. 


Bookshelf Coffee Bar

Have an old bookcase lying around? Turn it into a coffee bar! What's great about bookcases is that they come in all sorts of sizes and shelves for you to store all your coffee equipment and beans. It's also a great display wall for your coffee tools and is space-efficient.


Ikea Coffee Cart

Similar to the bar cart, but on a budget. These Ikea storage carts are iconic and a space-saving savior. Loved by college students and young adults alike, these carts are versatile and can hold so many items while keeping a pristine look.  


Coffee Cabinet

Have no counter space but have extra cabinets? Turn one into your coffee space. While items won't be laid out in front of you, cabinets are a great way to store all your coffee items, including beans, brew gear, kettles, and more. It's a great way to organize all beverage items and compact it all into one space. 


Coffee Drawer

If you don't have a lot of space, a cabinet coffee drawer is another great option. You can place all your brewing tools and gear on a counter and you can store your coffee and accessories in the drawer attached to it. Perfect for the minimalist coffee person who wants to hide all the clutter in one space. 


Desk Coffee Bar

Similar to the bookcase coffee bar, you can use an old desk and DIY it into a coffee space. There's plenty of storage in drawers and on shelves (if your desk has a hutch or shelves above it). The desktop provides a great spacious area to place all your coffee equipment and more.


Floating Shelf Coffee Bar

Installing or using floating shelves above a counter or desktop is another unique way to curate your coffee area. You can make it as minimal or maximalist you'd like, displaying coffee bags, mugs, tools, etc.


Coffee Tray

If you don't have many coffee items, or prefer instant or packet coffee, a coffee tray may be good for you. All the coffee, sugar, creamer, and more are in one area that is easily accessible and fuss-free. It also makes your counter space look incredibly organized and clean. 


Storage Cabinet Coffee Bar

Take any storage dresser or cabinet you have and turn it into a beautiful coffee bar! It's compact, but still looks great in the corner of the room or on its own. 


Chalkboard Coffee Bar

Cozy, cafe vibes! Place a chalkboard behind your coffee station or coffee bar and write cute notes on it or draw a picture. It's a fun way to greet yourself or your family in the morning, and it feels like a coffee shop menu board. 


Kitchen Hutch Coffee Bar

Another DIY project you could do if you have a spare kitchen cupboard or hutch you could makeover. Similar to the closet coffee bar, the kitchen hutch has tons of space for you to work with and organize into a coffee area.  


Coffee Bar Dresser

A little more upscale and sophisticated, this dresser-turned-coffee-bar is a unique piece of furniture that is functional for a coffee space. Lots of drawers to organize items in, you could even take out some drawers and turn it into a shelving area for a cute display! 


Pegboard Coffee Bar 

Pegboards are another easy organization idea if you're strapped for counter and drawer space. Additionally, it looks great and you have infinite ways to organize and present your coffee tools, mugs, and more. 



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