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How to Make Coffee While Camping

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How to Make Coffee While Camping

Good news: it’s possible to make good coffee while camping. Many coffee enthusiasts have been perfecting the art of portable coffee brewing and creating innovative solutions, like coffee tea bags or collapsible coffee drippers. There are many more brewing methods and equipment campers use to make a great cup of coffee while in the wilderness. We’ll present a variety of ways you can try to make coffee the next time you’re away from home.

Is Instant Coffee Good for Camping? 

Traditionally, instant coffee is the coffee of choice when on the road. However, instant coffee rarely has the amazing qualities of freshly brewed coffee. As a result, coffee lovers have been trying to find better ways to make fresh coffee outdoors.

Coffee drippers, like the Hario V60, are a popular travel-friendly option for making great pour over coffee on the go. There’s even a foldable origami-like dripper!

6 Best Camp Coffee Brew Methods

Besides instant coffee, here are 6 other methods you can use to make freshly brewed coffee.

Best ways to make coffee while camping

1. Pour Over Drip Coffee

One of the most beloved methods of brewing coffee in cafes, the pour over or drip coffee is also outdoor-friendly and easily portable. You’ll need to have ground coffee and filters on hand, but the coffee dripper and mug are durable and easy to transport in a bag. It makes a great cup of coffee and it’s also easy to clean.

2. AeroPress

The innovation that took the coffee world by storm, the AeroPress was designed to be a portable coffee brewer, relying on physics to brew a great cup of coffee. It comes with its coffee filters and it only needs coffee grounds and hot water. Super convenient, easy to use, and makes delicious coffee. What more could you ask for?

3. Coffee Tea Bags

Another innovative product, the coffee tea bag, has the flavor of freshly brewed coffee with the convenience of instant coffee. It has the taste of freshly brewed coffee and, like a tea bag, all it needs is a 5 minute steep in hot water. 

Here’s a video of the coffee tea bags in action: 

4. Single Serving Pour Over

A fairly new product that has been gaining popularity for its sleek design and effortless brewing. This takes pour over to a whole new level of convenience. It’s a preground coffee bag made to sit on top of any mug or cup so that you can pass hot water through it into the cup. It’s so fun to use and brings the quality of fresh coffee with the convenience of instant coffee.

5. Moka Pot

If you have an induction or fire stove when camping, a moka pot is your best bet for amazing brewed coffee. It’s a small, two-chamber pot made of aluminum that is portable and easy to clean. Similar to the AeroPress, all it requires, other than a stovetop, is ground coffee and hot water. It comes in multiple sizes as well, so it’s super convenient for making coffee for friends and family.

6. Cold Brew

A classic cold brew makes great coffee and needs the least amount of work. All you need to do is add water to a jar, add your coffee grounds, and let it sit overnight for up to 18 hours and you have cold brew coffee! You can make this before your camping trip for convenience or during for a freshly made cold brew the day after. 

Which Brew Method is Best for My Upcoming Camping Trip?

Steeped coffee tea bags bean and bean coffee roasters

The brew method for your next upcoming camping trip will depend on what equipment you own. If you are a coffee newbie and don’t have a coffee grinder or any fancy coffee drippers, the coffee tea bag, single-serve pour over, or cold brew is going to be your best option!

If you have a coffee grinder or have pre-ground coffee, the AeroPress, Moka Pot, or cold brew methods will serve you well. If you have a coffee dripper, a coffee grinder, or other equipment, a pour-over coffee or AeroPress would suit you best. These are our suggestions, but feel free to experiment with different methods and see which one you like. Check out the brew gear available on our website.

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