What is Fair Trade Coffee?

What is Fair Trade Coffee?

You may have heard of the term “Fair Trade coffee," but what does it actually mean? Is it different from other coffees? Does it make a difference for consumers? Let’s find out. 

Fair Trade certification

Fair Trade certification helps let you know about the origin of a product. Fair Trade coffee is sourced via fair and environmentally friendly practices. If you spot the Fair Trade label on your coffee, you can rest assured knowing that your purchase is promoting and supporting the ones who grew the coffee. 

A breakdown of the Fair Trade label. 

The Fair Trade label protects the true artisan coffee, the earth, and the process of making a delicious cup. It improves the partnership between coffee producers and coffee roasters to provide a sustainable price in return for coffee. This certification talks about a set of standards applicable to coffee producers, consumers, organizations, and more to provide justice and respect to the disenfranchised coffee growers in the Pacific, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, and Africa. 

Here are the components of the Fair Trade Certification:

Fair price

The Fair Trade label certifies that the farmers receive fair prices for their harvest and Fair Trade premium to invest in projects that support their community and help the environment. In addition, certain farming organizations are eligible for pre-harvest credit.

Environmental sustainability

The coffee trade can encourage the use of certain harmful agricultural chemicals and GMOs in the farming process. The Fair Trade label prohibits any such practices in favor of environmentally sustainable farming methods that preserve wildlife ecosystems for future generations, as well as the farmers’ health.

Community development

Farmers and coffee communities invest Fair Trade premiums in business development projects, education for children, healthcare services, and quality training. 

Labor conditions and elimination of middlemen: 

Along with fair wages, the farmers enjoy safe working conditions. In addition, forced child labor is strictly prohibited. The Fair Trade producer groups eliminate any unnecessary middlemen in the harvesting and sourcing process, hence empowering the farmers. 

Why is Fair Trade certification important?

Fair Trade for the farmers

Through generations, coffee-producing communities have followed a tradition of growing the coffee that we enjoy every day. Creating a product that’s loved worldwide. 

Unfortunately, many family farmers don’t receive fair prices for their crops and efforts. 

This is because these communities are isolated in rural areas, and don’t have direct access to markets, resulting in them selling their coffee and premium products for less than they are worth. Hence the farmers and these coffee-producing communities are unable to grow, invest in themselves, and often fall into a never-ending cycle of debt and poverty. 

When these communities suffer, the social and cultural fabric of coffee suffers around the world. This creates a cycle of forced immigration and inferior quality products. 

Fair Trade prevents exactly this by helping these workers build a relationship with sellers, and grow not just as individuals, but as a group. It would shock you to know that since 1998, $846 million dollars has gone to various producing communities directly, all due to Fair Trade. 

Fair Trade certification for the environment 

Fair Trade certification ensures environmentally sustainable practices that support the earth. Did you know, about 2.5 million acres of forest in Central America have been cleared to make coffee, endangering many species of Sloths

Fair Trade also eliminates the usage of harmful chemicals helping to minimize any damage to the environment via bad business and farming practices. 

Fair Trade certification for consumers 

When you buy Fair Trade certified coffee, you are promoting a guarantee that the person behind your cup is getting paid fairly. By purchasing Fair Trade products, you’re promoting healthy business practices that support the health, social and economic conditions of the farmers producing them. In this way you are helping to make a positive impact in the world. 

Bean & Bean’s Fair Trade coffee

Most Fair Trade certified products are sourced from all over the world, but have a common history. They come from isolated and far-off communities that share a passion for coffee. 

This trade empowers the coffee community and farming families through trade and not aid, creating a more equitable, more sustainable model of international coffee trade that directly benefits the producers, consumers, industry, and the earth. 

And this is exactly what we stand for at Bean & Bean.

When you buy our coffee, you’re promoting a model that’ll encourage farmers, their children and the community as a whole. Even our packaging is eco-friendly, compostable and recyclable. 

Want proof? Just give our coffee packaging a looksie and you’ll find the Fair Trade label.

In our attempt to do our bit for the environment, we also contribute 1% of our online sales to The Sloth Institute to help care for and rehome sloths affected by deforestation and environmental changes.  

We wholeheartedly believe in sourcing delicious coffee obtained via fair practices. So the next time you take a sip, not only will you get a rich, strong taste of coffee, but you’ll also know that you are doing your bit for the farmers, the environment, and sloths!