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Good Day Sunshine


Roast Level: MEDIUM-DARK

Tasting Notes: Red fruits, brown sugar, chocolate, cinnamon

Inspired by the Beatles song “Good Day Sunshine”, this is our celebration of love and warmth. This coffee features a smooth texture and berry-like sweetness that we find refreshing as a cold brew or iced coffee while lounging out in the sun; or enjoy hot to find that inner sunshine on a calm, rainy day.

This season, we’ve selected a natural-processed coffee from Sítio da Torre, located in a region known as Mantiqueira de Minas in Minas Gerais, Brazil. As a 4th generation family of coffee growers in an area of exceptional soil, climate, and altitude, the Coli Siblings utilize centuries-old traditions in coffee cultivation that produce specialty coffee with a focus on preserving the environment for sustainable coffee growing.



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