4 Homemade Coffee Drinks That Don't Taste Like Coffee

4 Homemade Coffee Drinks That Don't Taste Like Coffee

While the aroma of coffee can be very inviting, there are plenty of people out there who aren’t fans of the taste. Coffee’s effects are a daily necessity for a lot of people, but there’s a reason why so many sugary coffee based desserts and drinks exist. The pure taste of coffee can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you drink it without milk or sugar. 

But worry not, in this article we’ll talk about some coffee-based drinks that’ll give you the caffeine rush without the coffee flavor. You’d think there wasn’t any coffee in these drinks! 

1. Oreo Frappuccino (Frappe) 

Just about everyone loves Oreos, you can never have just one. You’ve heard of dipping them in milk, but have you tried dipping them in coffee?

Perfect for a warm evening, this drink makes for a delicious dessert. If you make it with decaf coffee, you can share it with your children or people who are sensitive to caffeine. Here’s our recommendation if you’d like to try out some delicious decaf coffee: the Peru SWP Decaf.  It’s a great pick with an orange twist and a hint of brown sugar. 

The recipe for this drink calls for some simple ingredients including ice, milk, coffee, whipped cream and the quintessential Oreo. 

2. Condensed Milk Latte with Salted Caramel Ice Cream 

Condensed milk and caramel together? Could it get any better? 

Sweet and creamy condensed milk is the ideal competitor to coffee’s bitterness as it masks the flavor completely. Adding caramel gives it that extra boost, making it impossible to taste any notes of coffee. 

Pro tip: make your caramel fresh at home according to your preferences. 

For this recipe, we recommend trying out our signature Downtown Blend as its sweet cedar and nutty flavors partner up perfectly with the caramel and condensed milk. 

The star of the show, however, is the salted caramel ice cream on top. Drop in a scoop and enjoy! 

3. Strawberry Affogato 

This one definitely spruces up your coffee with some fruity fun. 

If your thing is fruit-based desserts, here’s one that includes strawberry ice cream. It’s super easy to make with just 2 ingredients. This recipe is ideal for dessert or an after dinner treat. Add in your favorite strawberry ice cream with some espresso made from the delicious Downtown Blend, and enjoy! 

4. Salted Caramel Cream Coffee

Delight your senses with this aesthetic and delicious drink that combines salted caramel, cream and a little shot of coffee. This drink is the stuff of your sweet dreams! 

Pro tip: the little pinch of salt adds mountains of flavor to this drink, and balances it out beautifully. 

The caramel cream also makes for a great addition to other desserts. Our ideal coffee recommendation for this drink is the Peru Las Damas, which has dark chocolate and nutty flavors that compliment the sweet and salty caramel. With just 3 ingredients, you can quickly make this drink when in the mood for a great book or some me-time! 

Other Options 

If these drinks are a bit too sweet for you, or you’re worried about calories, opt for sugar free alternatives. Another option is to simply freeze some oat or almond milk, scoop it out, and pour a shot of espresso on top to make something just as tasty but less indulgent.