The Ultimate Coffee Taster Kit for Every Coffee Lover

The Ultimate Coffee Taster Kit for Every Coffee Lover

What is a coffee taster kit?

A coffee taster kit contains a variety of coffees in one single bundle that expresses the range of taste and aroma offered by a shop and its partner farms. 

Who we are and what’s in our kickass coffee?

Bean and Bean was started by the dynamic mother-daughter Q grader duo of Rachel and Jiyoon Han. Both are certified Q Arabica Graders, essentially sommeliers of coffee. In 2008, they saw an industry awash with bland coffee and unsustainable practices that greatly harmed the environment. Because of this they started sourcing coffee from organic and fair trade certified farmers.

Over time they noticed that although women comprise half of the coffee workforce, they earn significantly less than their male counterparts and lack access to spaces and training. Since 2008, Bean and Bean has been working hard to bridge the gender gap in coffee all the way through the value chain. 

Together with our partners, we strive for women to get their fair share from origin to your cup.

Curated coffee tasting kits 

At Bean and Bean, we like to introduce our coffees in bundles, this way you can find that one perfect coffee and roast that fits your unique tastes. We have 3 bundles available that appropriately express the range and variety of our partner farms. 

Meet the NYC Top 4 Bundle - This bundle is loaded with outstanding organic and fair trade varieties that are specially curated by the mom-daughter duo. The bundle consists of the downtown blend, a dash of Peru, a slice of Indonesia, and a surprise coffee, all in a heady medium roast. Great for a morning espresso or pour-over alike.

  • Downtown Blend - Bean & Bean Downtown Blend is a seasonal blend of coffees from Africa, Asia, and South America. This signature house blend has smooth and creamy notes with hints of cocoa, cedar, and lemongrass.
  • Peru Las Damas - This complex cup of coffee allows you to drape yourself in an explosion of perfectly ripe fruit with a velvety caramel surprise. The great body and balance is the result of the progressive COOPAFSI Co-op. The balance and sweetness of each cup will make you skip milk and sugar, creating a healthy start to an energetic day!
  • Indonesia Koperasi kopi Gayo - This smooth and syrupy coffee will make you feel like you’ve transformed coffee time into dessert time. Enjoy the mossy, chocolate undertones which pair perfectly with sweet and creamy goodies from the bakery. This sturdy cup of coffee comes from the KKGO Organic co-op in Indonesia and is the result of being processed according to the traditional Sumatran wet-hulled method.

Costa Rica Honey Duo - This black and red honey sampler pack consists of the same coffee, from the same farm, but produced with different processing methods! Try this taster kit if you want to see the potential of the honey process.

Sweeter Than Honey Collection - A larger selection of honey-processed coffee sourced from the Las Lajas, Ditso, and Santa Felisa coffee farms in Costa Rica.

Okay, I got a coffee taster kit. Now what?

There are many approaches to sampling a coffee taster kit. We recommended taking it for a spin using your favorite brewing or pour over method to see what you like best!