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What Coffee to Gift Someone, Based on Their Dream Vacation

Posted by Bean & Bean on
What Coffee to Gift Someone, Based on Their Dream Vacation

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who enjoys coffee, then we have just the idea for you. Give them a  coffee based on their dream vacation. It can be a destination they want to visit or somewhere they’ve already traveled before. It’s the perfect coffee gift to let someone know you listen to them and it’s a great way to give a physical form of that destination. First, let’s learn about the different coffees from different regions. Inherently, by gifting someone coffee from a destination, you’re probably gifting them single origin coffee.

What is single origin coffee? 

You’ve definitely seen it at the grocery store or at a local coffee shop, but what does it mean? Single origin coffee consists of beans that are grown and processed from the same location or crop (and often, the same farm). They are labeled as originating from a specific location, like Peru or Colombia. It’s often a more ethical and intentional way of consuming coffee, as many single origin coffees are fair trade. In addition, if they come from a specific farm, wages are generally higher and more transparent. 

In terms of flavor, single origin coffee is the best way to taste the profiles of coffee grown in a specific region. Since the coffee is not blended with other coffee beans, the taste is pure so you can appreciate the nuances in flavors between countries. 

Read more about blends vs single origin here. You basically get to travel the world on tastebuds alone! 

So what do coffees from coffee producing regions taste like?  

  • Colombia

    • Coffee from Colombia has a sweet, nutty, and acidic profile with notes of chocolate, nuts, and citrus. 
  • Costa Rica 

    • Coffee from Costa Rica has a clean and sweet profile with notes of chocolate, honey, citrus, and stone fruits such as apricots or plums.
  • Ethiopia 

    • Coffee from Ethiopia has a bright and sweet profile with notes of fruit, floral, and herbs. Depending on where and how it is processed, Ethiopian coffee can taste like cantaloupe, peach, cherry, and more. 
  • Guatemala

    • Coffee from Guatemala has a complex body with hints of cocoa and tasting notes of chocolate and toffee. 
  • Hawaii

    • Coffee from Hawaii is very rare and unique since the coffee is grown in nutrient-rich volcanic soil. Hawaiian coffee is bright, clean, and crisp with notes of milk chocolate and brown sugar. 
  • Indonesia

    • Coffee from Indonesia is full-bodied, sweet, and smooth with earthy and spicy tasting notes. Some of these notes include tobacco, cedar, and nuts. 
  • Panama

    • Similar to Hawaiian coffee, Panamanian coffee (specifically, Panama Geishas) are some of the most rare coffees in the world. Coffee from Panama is bright, citrusy, floral, and most notably, fruity. It’s like a fruit explosion in a cup.
  • Peru

    • Coffee from Peru is smooth and mellow with tasting notes of nuts, vanilla, caramel and chocolate. 

Want a gift that keeps on giving? 

Having a tough time deciding which coffee region you’d like to sample? Have multiple locations? Or maybe you have a friend who enjoys coffee from all over? The solution is to get a coffee subscription

With a coffee subscription, you can either get a preplanned coffee set, or select your own flavor profile. At Bean and Bean we offer all the coffee producing regions on the list above along with personalized coffee subscriptions so you or your loved one can enjoy traveling the world from the comfort of your own home. It’s the perfect coffee gift that balances practicality and thoughtfulness–who wouldn’t want to receive a gift from someone that shows the effort and thought you put in? 


Gifting a friend, family member, or your boss a coffee based on their dream destination is a practical and thoughtful gift. There are so many underrated coffee producing regions in the world, by gifting coffee from these regions, you also expand your coffee horizons. Additionally, you give the gift of an experience that is also delicious. Who knows, maybe your gift recipient will discover their next favorite coffee from you! 

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