Why You Should Gift A Coffee Subscription to Everyone on Your List

Why You Should Gift A Coffee Subscription to Everyone on Your List

The holidays are almost here and you’re probably wondering what to get your loved ones. Gift giving is personal — especially when shopping for our closest friends and family. An ideal gift shows how well you know a person and if you've paid attention to what they’re interested in.

Some people are five-star gift givers, others spend hours, days, or even months agonizing over the right gift. If this sounds like you, we’re here to help with our coffee subscriptions.

What is a coffee subscription?

If you're a human operating in the world of the internet, you've probably found yourself subscribed to the necessities like your favorite streaming platform or meal kit service.

The goal of a good subscription is to seamlessly provide you with the items you regularly use without you having to remember to buy them again and again. Typically, you’re able to select the frequency you receive the products you're subscribed to and receive the products at a discounted rate. 

What’s something we all need everyday? Coffee. A coffee subscription ensures you (or someone you love) never wakes up and is out of their favorite blend.

We highly recommend coffee subscriptions because:

  1. It saves you money.
  2. It ensures you always have fresh coffee beans on hand! The difference between drinking a cup brewed with fresh beans vs older beans is night and day. Friends don’t let friends settle for old beans. 
  3. We offer two different subscription methods that deliver organic, fair trade, and sustainably-sourced coffee right to your (or someone you loves) door. 

Why a coffee subscription makes a good gift

For coffee lovers, a coffee subscription is the perfect gift because it’s something they’ll use every single day. When was the last time you gave a gift that you were certain wouldn’t go to waste? It not only saves them money but it’s also money well spent. 

It's the cup your friend will have every morning before work, the coffee your mom may use to bake her famous coffee cake, or the exciting package your partner can’t wait to receive every month. 

At Bean & Bean, we know no two coffee drinkers are the same. Our coffee subscriptions can be tailor-made to fit your loved one’s lifestyle. Simply answer four questions about their coffee preferences and we’ll tell you which of our subscription options is their perfect fit. 

There’s also a chance you have no clue what coffee to snag for your favorite person. You can’t go wrong with our best-selling Downtown Blend. This brew has been caffeinating New Yorkers since we opened our doors in 2008. It’s medium-roasted and has a smooth and creamy note with hints of cocoa, cedar and lemongrass.

Or maybe they love nothing more than trying new things. For the spontaneous person in your life, our Bestsellers Subscription is the ultimate option. Every month for six months they’ll receive one of our best selling blends so they can figure out their favorite all on their own.

Don't want to go through the hassle of personalizing your subscription? We have standard subscription options that make purchasing your gift as easy as adding it to cart. 

Bean & Bean’s coffee subscription options: 

We have 2 types of subscriptions for you to choose from when purchasing your gift: 

1. One-time payment: 

This is our staff's recommendation when purchasing a coffee subscription as a gift. Purchase 3, 6, or 12-months worth of coffee at a discounted price. You’ll pay once and we’ll ensure a fresh bag is delivered each month based on which subscription package you purchased. 

2. Pay as you go: 

Choose any Bean & Bean coffee or tea and save up to 10% on each re-order. You’ll be charged every month. When purchasing, select “Subscribe & Save” and select from either two or four week delivery frequencies before adding to your cart. 

What happens if they don’t like the subscription I purchase? No sweat. They can cancel at any time, no questions asked!

Why Subscribe to Bean & Bean

There’s thousands of coffee options out there, so why shop with Bean & Bean?

We source every coffee with care
Behind every Bean & Bean coffee is Rachel & Jiyoon Han, the Mother Daughter Q Grader Duo™. What is a Q Grader? A Q Grader is basically the wine sommelier equivalent in the coffee industry. Rachel & Jiyoon personally vet every coffee we sell online or that is served within our four cafe locations

Ethically-sourced coffee

We source only organic and Fair Trade certified coffee to ensure environmental sustainability and fair compensation to farmers. 

Supporting women coffee producers

Did you know, despite comprising half of the coffee producing workforce, women don’t earn the same as their male counterparts and also aren’t provided with the relevant training. 

Since 2008, we’ve been working to bridge this gap in the coffee sourcing process. Our goal is to support and source from as many women-run coffee communities as possible. Currently, more than half our coffee is female-powered. 

Protecting sloths

Through our partnership with The Sloth Institute, 1% of online Bean & Bean sales are donated to help track and care for sloths affected by environmental changes created by coffee production. 

So what are you waiting for? Gift your loved ones (or yourself!) a coffee subscription from Bean & Bean. It will provide the daily cup they need, and you can rest easy knowing they’re sipping ethically-sourced coffee!