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3 Easy Homemade Holiday Coffee Drinks

Posted by Bean & Bean on
3 Easy Homemade Holiday Coffee Drinks

The ho-ho-holidays are here! While the conventional idea of Christmas and the holiday season is heavily associated with snowy days, cold temperatures, scarves, mittens and hot drinks in hand, for a majority of people this is not the reality. For example, Australian Christmas is actually in the summer! Many parts of the world get cold, but not below freezing. 

Even if it does get cold, some of us can’t give up our love for iced coffee! Here are 3 amazing and festive recipes for iced homemade holiday coffee drinks to enjoy throughout the season. 

3 Iced ​​Homemade Holiday Coffee Drinks 

Vanilla Iced Coffee With Caramel

There’s nothing better than a homemade crème brulée waiting for you after a holiday party. Crème brulée is traditionally a vanilla custard that has torched sugar on top, giving it a nice caramel flavor that balances the sweetness of the custard. Indulge in the holiday spirit with this crème brulée-reminiscent drink that will beat eggnog tenfold. 

Video tutorial: https://youtu.be/fJQhkF6x3pA 

What we used: Downtown Blend

The best coffee to use for sweet drinks, with notes of roasted nuts, cedar, sweet herbs that pair perfectly with vanilla, caramel, or chocolate.


To bring this to the next level, you can even make your own creme brulee and add it to the drink. Alternatively, you can layer it and torch sugar right on top. What a fun and creative way to present your drink, especially if you are hosting a holiday party and want to impress your guests!

Brown Sugar Iced Coffee

What says “holiday” better than a molasses-y gingerbread cookie? This drink is sure to attract the gingerbread man himself. It’s a simple twist on a classic drink that won’t overwhelm your taste buds, especially if you aren’t into spiced flavors. A simple, brown sugar iced coffee that you can add fresh ginger juice or powder to if you crave more spice.

What we used: Single Origin Peru Las Damas

This coffee is perfect for pairing with brown sugar, with its notes of caramel and citrus. 


Try using molasses and soak in the syrupy goodness! You can also level it up by making a brown sugar syrup and drizzling that into your cup for a cool striped effect.

Maple Syrup Cold Foam Coffee Recipe

Pancakes and maple syrup on a cold winter morning are an amazing way to start the day. Pair it with this maple syrup cold foam iced coffee that rings in the holiday sweetness. It’s a nice nod to our Canadian neighbors and marries their love of maple syrup and heavy snow days. It’s also the perfect segue from fall to winter as the leaves drop. The falling foam is reminiscent of falling snow; it’s basically a drinkable snow globe!

Video tutorial: https://youtu.be/xUl9wj-oPJg 

What we used: Single Origin Indonesia Sumatra

This coffee’s notes of cinnamon, nuts, and fruit pair perfectly with maple syrup! 


Add some cinnamon or other spices for extra flavor.


If you’re an avid iced coffee fanatic, these recipes are a great way to enjoy cold beverages during the holiday season. Make these drinks at home and take them on-the-go for some holiday shopping, for yourself or for others.  

Additionally, don’t wait until the last minute to scramble and find a gift for your loved ones! If the person you have in mind is a lover of coffee, gift them a coffee subscription. It’s practical and fresh. You can also personalize the subscription based on the types of coffee they enjoy, showing that you pay attention to what they like. What better gesture is there to give? If you’re not convinced, here are 4 other reasons why  a coffee subscription is the perfect gift for any coffee lover in your life. 

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