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The Best Holiday Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers

Posted by Bean & Bean on
The Best Holiday Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers

We all have that one coffee loving friend that’s nearly impossible to shop for. You know they love coffee, but they’re so picky! If you’d rather not go the gift card route, we have the perfect gift you can give to the coffee lovers in your life. 

That gift? A coffee gift box! It’s not just one bag of coffee, it’s an entire experience they can deeply appreciate.  When you choose a coffee gift box, we combine several coffees in a box that share a commonality to tie them together. The best part is, there’s never more than one of the same coffee, encouraging exploration.  

Around the World Gift Box

Experience coffees from women-led and women-owned farms of South America, Africa, and Asia. The Around the World gift box offers the opportunity to taste the difference between chocolatey, fruity, and floral coffees side-by-side from world-renowned farms. This is the perfect gift for a coffee lover that’s interested in exploring the world via coffee all in one neatly packed set.  A bonus we believe to be necessary—all four coffees are Fair Trade Organic certified.


Sweeter than Honey Gift Box 

We love honey processed coffees for their sweetness and syrupy flavors. Our Sweeter than Honey box has our favorite honey-processed coffees right now, from farms and producers that we have personally visited from Las Lajas and Santa Felisa. These coffees are all not only grown and produced by women, but are also exceptional representations of terroir and the dynamic flavors that are possible within coffee processing.  This gift box is perfect for your adventurous and discerning coffee lover, who is sure to have a great time when it shows up.


NYC Top 4 Gift Box

Can’t quite decide? The NYC Top 4 Gift Box takes all of the guesswork out of coffee selection for you. Featuring three of our gold standard favorites + a surprise coffee that we can’t get enough of. This is a great gift for a coffee lover in your life that likes to experiment. Whether they have an espresso machine, or they make pour-over coffee, every coffee in this set is the perfect companion for any brew method, however they take their coffee. 


Do you want a gift that keeps on giving? Our coffee subscriptions can be tailor made for anybody, with a diverse range of coffees to choose from on our site. You can set up a one-time or recurring payment, and the best part is the flexibility of coffee selection! 

In conclusion, there’s no shortage of ways to treat your favorite coffee lover this holiday season.  Gifting a friend or family member a gift box or subscription is a fun and educational option. Not only will they get to expand their palate and knowledge of coffee, there are so many coffee producing regions and processes represented that they just might find a new favorite coffee because of you! 

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