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We pursue both quality and humanity. Each coffee we bring you is cupped and curated by our professional Q Grader Coffee Team. 1% of your purchase goes to help sloths in need

Cold Brew DIY Kit


Downtown Blend, Organic & Fair Trade


Peru Las Damas, Organic & Fair Trade


Indonesia Sumatra, Organic & Fair Trade


Ethiopia Sidamo, Organic & Fair Trade


Costa Rica Honey Duo


Costa Rica Las Lajas Red Honey


Costa Rica Las Lajas Black Honey


Santa Felisa Gesha Natural Heap Coffee


Santa Felisa Gesha Honey Coffee


Guatemala Orange Honey


Sweeter Than Honey Bundle


NYC Top 4 Bundle


Monthly Surprise Coffee


Organic Cotton Sloth T-Shirt


Eco Hand Made Tote


Sloth MiiR Pourigami™


The Big Dipper: Rainbow | Umeshiso Cupping Spoon


The Big Dipper: Rosé | Umeshiso Cupping Spoon


The Big Dipper: Goth Black | Umeshiso Cupping Spoon


Pepperpot Earl Grey


Pepperpot Black Tea


Pepperpot Moroccan Mint


Pepperpot Hibiscus Citrus Ginger Tea


Pepperpot Chamomile


Compostable Coffee Filters, #4 Cone (100Ct.)


HARIO V60 Buono Power Kettle Pour-Over Coffee Maker


Kalita Wave Pour Over Glass Dripper


HARIO Ceramic Coffee Mill Skerton Plus


Kalita Wave Glass Server 500 mL


Kalita Wave Stainless Steel Dripper


Virtual Master Class on Clever Dripper


Clever Coffee Dripper


Reusable K-cup Coffee Pods


Decaf Single Origin MWP, Organic & Fair Trade


Aeropress Micro-Filters for Aeropress & Aeropress Go



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